our budding biodiesel project,
our recent waste vegetable titration and biodiesel test batch instructions

Our initial processor set-up. This is the first arrangement of plumbing we
have used for our appleseed processor which was ordered on line at www.b100supply.com As we delve into the process further and see what many people have done and posted with excellent information and step-by-step procedures and pics we realize there are many ways to go about this. So with this, this processor will be slightly altered to meet our whole processing plans. The hot water heater has been converted from 240v to a 110, using only one element.

The first three test batches. It has been suggested over and over by many who have ended up with 20 gal of soap i'm sure, that, starting out with one litre batches and learning how all the ingredients work and react with each other will save you from many hours of frustration and cleaning So, this is what we have done and the picture above is our first three test batches. The PETE bottle on the left is a first washing, the middle one, a second wash and the bottle on the right is about 20 minutes of settling after the initial process(unwashed)

This is bad. Ouch!! Our shake test does not even remotely pass!! But we can save this at a later time with what's at the bottom of the bottle in the pic on the right. Thank you everyone who has given us this knowledge. So we get to start over, try again.

This is better, maybe. We are feeling better about this batch, although we don't know for certain at this point, but it looks good.

Andrea hooking us up with some mountain dew wash barrels. These barrels are for future endeavors. As we become erudite on the subject we can slowly map out our process as a whole and how it can most easily be achieved with a clean and smooth flowing operation. And above all, the necessity for good product!!

Beth working on a test batch. Thanks to our friend Beth we have an excellent environment to work in. Lots of space (important), clean, and up to firecode walls for those looking closely.

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